Available Dogs


I'm a jailbreaker and had found myself at the shelter multiple times. My former owner, just could not contain my curiosity of the outside smells so Basset Rescue came in and swooped me up to help me find a family and a house with a very secure fence so I can't break out any more. I am 7 to 8 years young and my name is Patrick. I am a very good boy, I have a little bit of anxiety and a bit of a wandering nose as most basset hounds do. I have a few puppy energy spurts and love running and playing with humans and other animals. I love my handsome sleep and love being with my people. If you have a secure yard and I mean Fort Knox secure, and have room in your house for me please fill out an application to adopt me. I need my own person to spoil me.

Charlie & Girl

We have recently found our way out of the state of Michigan into the beautiful state of Kentucky. Our names are Charlie and Girl, yes that is right my name is Girl. We are not bonded but we do love one another. We were used as breeding hounds in Michigan and in Kentucky we have changed our identity and are now just Basset Hounds. We are 8 years old and have had our baby makers deactivated so now we are looking for individual retirement homes. We love attention, belly rubs, luxurious dog beds or people beds and are as sweet as two little ladies can be. We do not have to be adopted together but we both would love to be adopted and be kept little ladies for the rest of our days. We will reward our new people with lots of slobbery kisses and pure joy as we are very mellow and low key. We are very good in the car and will crate easily. If you are looking for an older gal, please put in an application for one of us or BOTH as we would both love to be your next best companion.

Max & Neo

Interviewing for a full time chef to meet our culinary needs. Please apply to Basset Rescue of Kentuckiana if you think you can fulfill our dietary requirements. We would make excellent taste testers for a young chef in training or an older person who just loves to experiment with culinary delights. Oops, I guess we should introduce ourselves. We are Max and Neo, a pair of very handsome Basset mixes. We are about 8 years old and you could say we have a few food allergies. The nice people at BROK had us allergy tested and know all of our allergies now so that is why we will require a personal servant, oops we mean a personal chef as fresh ingredients, along with a few supplements will keep all of that in check. Plus we just like good home cooked food. We are very good boys who just need some additional care so we can go to a forever home. Its nice in foster but we would prefer to have our own beds and our own chef. If you think you can fit those requirements please send in your resume through the attached link. We can’t wait to be your obedient taste testers.